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How to Bring your Knives (and other tools) to a Farmers Market

When bringing knives (and other tools) to a farmers market is important to ensure that the items are wrapped up safely and stowed in a bag. It is important to have your knives wrapped up safely as not all patrons are aware of my services and may be intimidated by someone loosely carrying their knives or axes towards the market.

When bringing your knobs to the market I recommend wrapping them up in a tea towel while leaving the handles exposed so you know which and has pointy bits. Start by placing your largest Knife on one edge of the towel with the cutting edge facing towards the middle of a towel. Roll the towel over the knife once and place the second largest knife in the same manner on top the first, roll and repeat. When you arrive at the smallest knife fold the bottom edge of the towel over the points of the knives and roll the towel tightly around the them and secure with a couple of elastics.

When bringing an axe to the market it is especially important to bring it safely wrapped and stored away in a bag. It can be frightening to see someone entering the market with an axe for market attendees who are unaware of my service so please bring your items wrapped when you come :)

It is also important to have your items wrapped up for safe transportation home. I have had several customers who have had knives sharpened by me and injured themselves before even leaving the market due to improper storage. The items I return are very sharp. Sharp enough to shave with and definitely sharp enough to poke through reusable bags and even clothing.

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