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How to Properly Store your Kitchen Knives

The most common reason my customers have chips (or even broken tips) on their knives has to do with how they are stored. Throwing knives loose in a drawer along with other utensils can cause knives to chip and break.

Storing your kitchen knives is equally as important as what surface you choose to cut on. When you are storing knives it is important to keep them from clanging into one another and other items. The four most common ways to properly store your knives are: blade guards, slotted drawer insert, knife block, and magnetic knife holder.

All of these methods are equally acceptable. When using a magnetic knife holder be sure to put your knife on it with the spin first before rotating the blade on. Knives that are slapped onto a magnetic holder tend to chip right where they are making contact with the magnetic strip most often. Do not fret it if your knives are damaged due to improper storage! I can fix most damage along a knifes edge and if your tip is missing i can grind in a new one. Be sure to quickly get a new knife storage method if yours is not one of the ones listed above after sharpening to get the most value out of your knives.

Looking for a magnetic knife holder:

Looking for a knife guard:

Knife Wear is a Canadian retailer of Japanese knives and there products are of top quality! Great spot to get new knives (any knife is the right choice on here).

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